Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sky-Tech Skylights

A skylight can provide your home or business with daylighting and warmth. When properly selected and installed, an energy-efficient skylight can help minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs.

Quality Sky-Tech Commercial Skylight Products

Developed after 35 years of skylight experience, the new Sky-Tech Thermal unit is a true thermally broken skylight. Equipped with a RIGID ALUMINUM FRAME, that assures a positive LEAK FREE installation with protection against condensation even under unusual moisture conditions.



Sky-Tech Sky-lights frames are fabricated from 3" - 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy. In addition to this, our 3" base frame components incorporate which thermally divides the warm inner portion of the aluminum frame, and the cold outer portion, providing an increased thermal eciency. All skylights have 1" interior condensation gutter, and a full 3/4" round inserted closed cell curb air seal gasket.

The corner joints on all of our skylights have a continuous heliarc weld to provide protection against leakage. All aluminum framed skylights are supplied in mill nish. Optional custom coloured powder coated nishes or anodized finishes are available on special order.

Larger tandem and cluster skylights are custom fabricated to suit specic jobsite conditions. Framing and glazing components are mechanically connected and assembled on site. The skylights are designed to include provisions for expansion and contraction, and to preserve water tight integrity without the use of mastic and caulking.



Acrylic skylight models , the clear interior acrylic material is 4.5mm thick, the exterior clear acrylic material is 4.5mm thick. Bronze tinted acrylic, or white translucent acrylic domes are available on request.

Sky-Tech Sky-lights uses only high quality acrylic or polycarbonate glazing. Acrylic glazing materials are thermally formed and are an excellent choice for domed skylights. Also Acrylic is less expensive, lighter, and stronger than glass. Acrylic glazing provides better ratings against heat loss than to those of standard uncoated glass.

Clear Acrylic should be used where maximum amount of direct light is desired, should be used only where glare, and solar heat transmission are not important. Tinted glazing reduces glare, brightness and solar heat transmission. Our standard bronze acrylic a signicant reduction in solar heat gain, and a signicant reduction of light. White translucent acrylic is excellent for , reducing glare, eliminating shadows, and minimizing solar heat gain. It is commonly used where privacy in an issue.

Polycarbonate plastic glazing is also available. The advantages of polycarbonate are that it improved resistance over standard acrylic, and is virtually unbreakable. Polycarbonate is approved by Underwriter's Laboratory of Canada as the best burglar resistant glazing material. Please note that, it is less scratch resistant, and is more costly than standard acrylic plastic.


Single glazed skylights should only be used for unheated structures such as patio covers, garages, entrance canopies and cold storage warehouses.

Double glazed skylights are recommended for most applications to provide thermal insulation and guard against condensation. They will reduce heat loss in winter and solar heat gain in summer.

Triple glazed skylights provide maximum insulation values that are approximately 45% better than those of double glazed skylights.

In high humidity areas, condensation issues can be avoided by installing a ceiling panel beneath a double glazed skylight. A ceiling panel consists of a at sheet of acrylic installed in the skylight opening at ceiling level. (or on larger skylights a suspended ceiling grid and smaller acrylic panels may be used) Ceiling panels are recommended for such high humidity areas such as above pools and spas, or where lack of air movement in deep light shafts causes excessive condensation build up.


Sky-Tech curb mounted Skylights are the most commonly used skylight model as they can be installed on to virtually any type of roof. They incorporate a thermally broken aluminum base frame, which is an important feature in colder climates. This thermal break consists of a core of structural, resin material, which divides the warm inner portion and the cold outer portion of the aluminum frame, thereby increasing thermal eciency. Glazing consists of single, double or triple layers of thermally formed acrylic domes. The elevated prole of the domed shape helps to shed snow during winter months. This is an important consideration for our long Canadian winters, as the skylight must remain free of snow to provide maximum illumination.

Sky-Tech curb mounted skylights are designed to fit onto a curb constructed on top of the roof. The construction of these curbs may be modied to suit various roof types. Typically the curb consists of wood or metal structure, rigid insulation, roof membrane and/or flashings, a vapour barrier, and interior finishing material. Standard Curb Construction, as outlined on our cross section detail page, is typical on most roof installations. The curb construction method allows for a wood curb, 1 1/2" thick, insulated with 1 1/2" of rigid insulation, and waterproofed with membrane roofing and ashing. The total curb thickness should be about 3" thick. The height of the curb should be at least 5 1/2" for sloped roofs and at least 12" for flat roofs.

The Sky-Tech curb mounted Skylight is the most versatile skylight available, not only because of it's adaptability to various roof types, but also because of the many options offered. This includes a wide variety of sizes, shapes and glazing and operability options as outlined.

Residential Sky-Tech Designs Skylights for Contractors and Home Builders

At Sky-Tech, we know what builders and home owners are looking for in a skylight. Top quality. Innovative Technology that is Canadian Climate Engineered. Wide-ranging selection. Trouble-free installation. Reliable long-life performance. Competitive prices. And of course, plenty of daylight.

Residential building projects and home improvement projects benefit from these beautiful lighting designs and skylights.

Please see the Sky-Tech Information Package under Specs Page for complete product details.

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